• Will each player recieve a player ID?

the ID is your cost free entry into the tournament venue, parties, free public Transportation and more


  • Can I use the free public transportation for the trains outside of Heidelberg?

Yes, the ticket includes Mannheim and every registered person will have an ID.


  • What is the best way to get from Frankfurt International Airport or Frankfurt to Heidelberg?

The best way to get from the Frankfurt airport is to buy a group ticket  (6 or more people). The cost is from €12 to €15 per person and there is a train at least every hour – travel time about 70 minutes. Bus is lower cost €6 – €7; please see https://global.flixbus.com


  • Will a tickets be required for all games?

Tickets are required ONLY for the stadium (Opening Game, Top games and Finals on field 11 (Sat ), 13 and 14)! Entry to the stadium is FREE for everyone under 18 years of age – a ticket will not be required – be prepared to show your ID as required when entering the stadium.

Players and registered Staff will always have unlimited entry to the stadium and other fields – be prepared to show your WU24 ID when entering the stadium.

All other games on all other fields have free entry for all!

If you want to attend a top game (in the stadium) during the week and are not a registered Player or Staff it will cost €5 per day at the gate.

  • is it possible to purchase tickets for just one game during the week, especially for one of the top games at 18:00?

yes, but only at the gate – we do not expect to be sold out during the week so it should not be a problem


  • Is it possible for supporters to sleep in the camping next to the fields with the Players?

Yes, but as players are also sleeping there we expect you to be quiet after 10 PM. Please register with the volunteers that will be on site at all times.



FAQ: What age is eligible to play?

> Under 24 during the full year of the tournament.

The WU24 is open to all players who are fourteen (14) years old or older and do not turn twenty-four (24) during the calendar year 2019. 

The year born  is relevant!
If a Player was born in 1995 he or she will turn 24 in 2019 and is NOT under 24 years of age the full year of the tournament.
Players born in 1995 are NOT ELIGIBLE!!!!
Players Born in 1996 and later are eligible.


FAQ: Use of Tournament logo by participating teams.

> Teams competing at “WFDF 2019 World Under–‐24 Ultimate Championships (WU24)” are permitted to use the official event logo on their uniforms. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The “WFDF 2019 World Under–‐24 Ultimate Championships (WU24)” logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, etc.)” 

Teams are reminded to refer to the WFDF Rules of Ultimate Appendix C – Uniform Requirements and to adhere to all matters outlined within when designing and ordering uniforms. 
WFDF’s Official Apparel Partner VC Ultimate are offering a 20% discount on VC team uniforms for all teams registered at a WFDF World and Continental events. Feel free to reach out to them for professional design services and priority production and to ask any questions you may have. info@vcultimate.com
All Teams are reminded that WFDF reserves the right to require a team to alter or replace text or graphics. If printing team names and logos on uniforms (especially club teams) and you are unsure if they meet the rules, please ask.
Here is the Official WU24 logo: