Please fill out this media registration form for any media related person wanting to attend a WFDF Major Event for Flying Disc.We kindly ask you to complete 1 form per person AND 1 form per event.

*NOTE: Media Licences will be allocated in two (2) separate categories;

a) PROFESSIONAL MEDIA – this is for any group or individual who will attend a WFDF Flying Disc Major Event to capture photos or videos, to conduct interviews or collect news, results or data for the purpose of gaining sponsors, paid subscribers, financial gain or to drive traffic to their website or to publicly report on the event.

b) HOBBY MEDIA – any individual who represents a team, a WFDF National Federation, a player or a fan who would like to take photos, videos and or to write news for their own personal use and is not planning on the monetisation but is planning public publications of the content. Special allowances (such as access to restricted areas) will be offered to hobby media at WFDF’s discretion.

Spectators should not complete this form if they do not fall into the two categories of Professional or Hobby Media as outlined above (if their capture of the event is purely personal with no publications. WFDF and the TOC reserves the right to deny access to any spectator in breech of the WFDF Media Policy.

Press Photos / Presse Bilder

Photos 1 – 12 from Nathan Kolakovic –  WU24 in Perth, Australian; Photos 13 and 14 unknown.