Click on the map above to see:

  • where Heidelberg is (south of Frankfurt Airport > 75 km)
  • where the North and South fields in Heidelberg are
  • where the main train station, old town, the river and more is
  • where the championship fields are – see the green Squares
  • where the training fields from the 8th to the 12th of July are available  – see the green circles
  • where the warm up fields are available during the event – see the Green triangles
  • and more


WU24 will have a total of 17 fields in the City of Heidelberg. WU24 will be hosted at two separate venues located five (5) km apart – Main Train station in the middle.


NORTH SITE > main venue for days 1 – 7; Captains’ & Spirit Captains’ Meetings, Opening Ceremony and Opening Game. After the game we will walk along the river to the Neckarwiese to watch the Castle Fireworks.

Sportzentrum Nord
Tiergartenstraße, 69120 Heidelberg

> Located near the center of Heidelberg on the Neckar River 2.8 km from the main train station.

The north site will be the main venue for days 1 – 7 and has a total of 9 fields. Many of the players can camp at this North Site.

  • North Fields (main site during week):
  •  3 modern artificial turf fields
  •  6 grass fields (well–‐kept soccer fields)
  •  +3 additional practice fields


SOUTH SITE >  Day 8  Finals, Medal & Closing Ceremony and WU24 Players Party

Sportzentrum Süd
69124 Heidelberg

> Located 1,5  km  south of the main train station

Fritz Grunebaum Stadium (Harbigweg 9 in 69124 Heidelberg–‐Kirchheim) Stadium used on Day 8 for the finals. The South site (Heidelberger Sportzentrum Süd) also has additional fields and will be used for any additional games during days 2–‐7 that don’t fit at the North Site.

South Fields:

  •  4 modern artificial turf fields
  •  4 grass fields (well–‐kept soccer fields)
  •  + 2 additional practice fields
  •  Stadium with capacity of 5000 (800 covered)