Coming to Heidelberg for WU24 2019 as a participant or as a visitor, you will find it is a city that – in the words of one of Germany’s greatest writers J.W. Goethe – has “something ideal” about it. Asked to name their favourite destination in Germany, visitors from abroad consistently choose Heidelberg Castle and no fewer than 11.8 million people come to Heidelberg every year, drawn by the historical flair of this university city, with its stunning setting, wide range of activities, superb shopping, and restaurants to meet every taste. It is a dynamic city that is constantly developing – in terms of architecture, business and cultural activities, sport infrastructure and ideas.

Nothing is very far away in Heidelberg – and there are so many sights to discover and experience!

Heidelberg Castle and the extensive castle gardens are a magnet for visitors and the city’s top attraction. Walk up one of the many paths – or take the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Path) you have a breathtaking view of the city, the castle, the river and the surrounding hills. Enter the old town and you find yourself embarking on a journey back through history.

WU24 will have a total of 17 fields in the City of Heidelberg. WU24 will be hosted at two separate venues located five (5) kms apart.

We expect a large number of fans, players and family to visit Heidelberg to see the top Ultimate players at the WU24 2019.

Here some information to help you get started – welcome to Beautiful Heidelberg!


Tickets for the Opening Game, the Top Games each evening and for the Finals will be available at the registration office located at the “Sportzentrum Süd” Harbigweg 14, 69124 Heidelberg (South Fields).

The Opening Ceremony (5 pm) and  Opening Game (6.30 pm) are on Saturday the 13th of July 2019 at the “Sportzentrum Süd” Harbigweg 14, 69124 Heidelberg (South Fields)..

FYI: after the Opening Game the famous “Schlossbeleuchtung”  (“Castle Fireworks”) will happen on the Neckar river across from the Heidelberg Castle. Go to the Neckarwiese on the Neckar River to watch the spectatular light show (starting shortly after 10 pm) with the rest of the world – don´t miss it!

The Top Show Case Games will be presented many evenings at 6 pm  at the same location “Sportzentrum Süd” Harbigweg 14, 69124 Heidelberg (South Fields).

The Semi-Final Games with be presented Friday the 19th of July in and around the fields at the Fritz-Grunebaum-Sportpark Harbigweg 9, 69124 Heidelberg (South Fields) in the afternoon.

The Final Games with be presented Saturday the 20th of July in and around the fields at the Fritz-Grunebaum-Sportpark Harbigweg 9, 69124 Heidelberg (South Fields) starting at 10 am.

You might still be able to get a Hotel room in Heidelberg but please do it as soon as possible. If you need a larger nr. of rooms please feel free to consult the TOC under because we have reserved blocks of rooms for the participants (and visitors).